Dear Margo “I had no idea Spanish was spoken in the US” Howard,

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I’m truly confused as to how you had no idea that Telemundo was an American station, I know here in Chicago, I see the news trucks out when somethings going on around town. Maybe that doesn’t happen where you’re from. But there are Hispanics there right. And even if it was a company that broadcast only to Mexico and you had some magic satellite dish where you could view it too, why wouldn’t they be interested in what’s going on in other countries, the same way that we watch the news about things happening in Greece, Japan, Israel, etc. The fact that you can chalk up an entire channel to just soap operas is quite disturbing seeing as most of the major TV stations in the US also play several soap operas over the course of a day (although that will be coming to an end soon for ABC). I don’t think your mother Ann Landers would have approved.

Thank goodness for Alba Mendiola for setting the record straight, here Alba have a Has It Together Award (been giving those out a lot lately) for handling the situation with grace and tact. Alba politely let her know that Telemundo is an American based company and that they’ve been reporting the news IN THE US of A for 25 years, and she’s been doing it for 10.

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Alba schooling folks who need it.

Some folks were calling you racist, I don’t think you’re racist, just an uninformed victim of white privilege. “Why would those Mexicans be interested in our politics, when all they do is watch soap operas all day.” So please Margo, get some culture in your life and Get Yo’self Together!


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