Whoo lawd, I’m gon get the good stuff out of the way first. The train conductor in this clip gets a Has It Together Award, she kept calm, cool, and collected, and remained professional even after this crazy woman touched her. A lesser person would have mopped the aisle with her.

Dear Hermon “I don’t like authority” Kaur Raju,


Sit yo monkey ass down somewhere and act like you have some sense. You over here yelling about how many different schools you’ve been to and how educated you are is not convincing anyone of those points. An educated person rarely has to tell another person that they are educated. It should be apparent from the way they carry themselves. Obviously you have no home training because even if you weren’t being that loud and obnoxious and spewing obscenities (which I doubt), all you would have had to do when asked to be quiet is say…..Ok, sorry about that, and move on with your life. Not go on some tirade about how you’re not a hoodlum, and how educated you are. Standing up here yelling about how great you are like you solved the mysteries of the universe or something. So here have a seat in the corner, and from now on ride your bike to work. Or do you even have a job, because your LinkedIn account sure didn’t list one. Although I’m sure because of how unfair the world is you’ll probably get an excellent job and make 10 times the amount of money I will. UGH.

The Unemployed Hermon Raju

The Unemployed Hermon Raju Linked In Screenshot

If you end up on Celebrity Apprentice because of this I’m going to be pissed. Get Yo’Self Together!


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