Dear Lakeysha “I Got Lots of Rollover Minutes” Beard,
I have heard your story and just have a few questions to ask of you.

  1. Did your phone get so hot that you thought about getting off of it during the 16 hours you were on it? Because that happens to me sometimes, after maybe 35 minutes my phone will start to singe my eyebrows, and that’s when I get off of it.
  2. Were you hoarse when you were ejected from the train?
  3. Who in the HELL were you talking to? Adult Hotline? A party line? Miss Cleo? A deaf person? Friends do not let friends get put off the Amtrak for not wanting to be the last one to say goodbye. I will admit that once upon a time I have been on the phone for at most 8 hours. I was probably in high school, you’re 39.
  4. When they first made the announcement that phone’s weren’t to be used in the quiet cars did you think, “Well they must mean those other kinds of phones, but not my phone.”?
  5. What the hell were you talking about? Global warming, Bin Laden, The Real Nicole Brown Simpson Killer? I really want them to interview someone who can tell us what her side of the conversation was about. It would be terrible if it turns out her phone wasn’t even on and she was just pretending to have friends.
  6. Can you explain exactly in what way you felt disrespected, I really would like to hear your side of the story?
  7. Oh and lastly what’s in that plastic bag, I’m just curious

Sincerely hoping you don’t call me and use up all my minutes,

For those of you who haven’t heard the story yet, our dear friend Lakeysha Beard was riding the Amtrak from Oakland, CA to Salem, OR in a designated “Quiet Car” and decided that she was exempt from being quiet and talked on her phone according to passengers from the time she board the train, until approximately 16 hours later when they had to stop the train about 20 minutes away from Salem to have police escort her off the train. Seems a passenger finally told her that she wasn’t allowed to talk on the phone in that car and she got into a verbal altercation with them. At least they stopped the train to put her off, I think I would have just slowed down. Check out the video below. I love how the police officer is pointing as if to tell her to go sit in the corner.

Now she needs a doggone whoopin’. I don’t understand why she just wouldn’t move to another train car. This train left Oakland at 10pm, which means she yapped alllll night!

Now I ride the el to work, and it’s about a 45-60 min trip each way. On the dreadful days when I leave my headphones at home and am forced to listen to people’s inane conversations both with each other and on their cell phones, I get quite frustrated. I’m pretty sure that I would not have made it anywhere near 16 hours. After about 2 hours one of us would have gotten off that train one way or another one. I can’t wait to hear more of her side of the story, since she felt “disrespected” and seems to not understand why she had to be escorted off. I just don’t understand why she wasn’t put off hours ago. If I was a passenger I would have been doubly pissed that now I have to wait for them to get her off the train when I’m only 20 minutes away from my destination. Shooooooo.

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