Dear Spanish Olympian Basketball Players,
Racist Spaniards GYTWTF?! You guys are the most blatant and rude racists I’ve seen in a while. I mean on top of being racist, how can you have the balls to go to someone else’s country and be so ignorant and rude. When I saw this picture, I was like unbelievable! The fact that this is being used as an advertisement for a courier company which sponsors Spain’s Basketball Federation makes me wonder what the values are of both the courier company and the basketball organization. Even if the Chinese aren’t offended I’ll be offended for

them, if they talk about one group, they’ll talk about them all. It is 2008, this kind of foolishness should have been over decades ago, but at the same time I shouldn’t be suprised because look at how you treat your own black soccer players. Shameful. And really, the slanty eye thing, how old are you guys 12? For all those people who think, oh that’s not offensive, she’s too sensitive, it was just a joke, wait until your group is targeted next. Remind me not to take my black ass to Spain.

Read a damn book, and get some cultural awareness,

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