Dear Hillary,
Hillary Clinton & Chelsea arriving in Bosnia | GET YO'SELF TOGETHER Here at GYT, there is no special treatment for celebrities, politicians, or anyone else for that matter, I don’t care that your running for president, you need to GYT.

Everyone tells a little white lie every once in a while, even I have been known to fib (I once convinced a friend that Dorothy Dandridge’s, mother’s, lesbian lover, was my cousin). There are at least two major differences between the majority of us lying and you and that is 1. Most of us have never done it on national television, or while giving a speech in front of a googob (technical term) of people. and 2. It’s not as easy to fact check the average persons little lie. I mean you did know that they took pictures of you pretty much everywhere you went, right? So it was bound to come out that you were flat out lying. It was not only probably easy to fact check, but think about it, there are a ton of people out there just itching for you to slip up, both republicans and democrats, so you have at least half a million people out there waiting for a nice juicy lie that can catch you in.

And how can you think saying that you “misspoke” will make it all better? How can you confuse shaking hands in a group of what appears to be friendly non-hostile people, with being in sniper fire?

Oh shoot, wait I recant my letter, someone has found video proof of said sniper fire:

This isn’t the first fib you’ve been caught in, here’s some more:

Hillary, sweetie, at this point, I just don’t believe you. Shame the devil, tell the truth, Obama ’08, and GET YO’SELF TOGETHER!


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